Men's Bible Study

Tuesday AM-8:00 am-9:00 am, a study on 1st Thessalonians, led by Father David in the Epiphany Room, Grelling-Spence Bldg., resumes September 13, 2016.  All men are welcome.
Thessalonica was a city state in ancient Greece, which later became a Greek city under Roman rule. After the Gospel was planted there, this community caught fire with zeal for the Lord. It walked, however, down a road that is both curious and familiar--fervor for the End Times! This year, we will carefuly examine this powerful letter from St. Paul and the interesting church which received it.

Please contact Father David if you are planning on attending, or 903-597-9854. 

Lectionary-based study, Gospel reading - Wednesdays, 7:15 am, in the Undercroft. This class seeks to explore the history, understanding, intent and applications of the scriptures to, in and for our mission and discipleship in our daily lives. Members participate in the discussions with their thoughts and comments, so we learn from each other and grow in the understanding of how we can commit ourselves and our lives to the services and missions we are called to perform. Come at any time, each week does not build on the next.

Questions? Please contact Bob Bergfeld, 903-520-0452 (c) or 903-526-3838 (o).