Sunday Morning Christian Formation


All baptized people are called to sustain their ministries through lifelong Christian formation and education.

Christ Church offers a variety of educational opportunities for all. During the school year, there are several adult classes, in addition to classes which are offered for all ages of children and youth, every Sunday at 10:00 am. Classes for all ages are also offered during the summer months. 

Fall Classes begin on Sunday, September 17, 2017 at 10:00 am, Christ Church Downtown and Christ Church South.

Reading the Bible in Nine months. We will uncover the Bible - book by book, from the first to the last by exploring the stories of the Old Testament and New - their meaning, their context, and their use to us today. Christ Church Downtown, 10:00 am, Third Floor, Grelling-Spence Bldg., Ascension Room. 

Fourteen Spiritual Classics in Fourteen Weeks. In this course we will review a series of spiritual classics from St. Athanasius to Henri Nouwen.  Each week we will examine how each work speaks to Christians of today.  The course will meet at 10:00 am from September 17 through December 17 in the Library on the Third Floor of the Grelling-Spence Building.  The Rev. Stephen B. Stine, Deacon, will teach the course.

Adults Christ Church South. Preparing for Incarnation. Each Sunday we will develop one aspect of the Incarnation (past, present, future, liturgical) pondering the question, “How can we prepare for *that*?” ... Held in the context of a social gathering over coffee, goodies and a fire pit on the stage area of the Clements Amphitheater. See y’all there!

Adult Confirmation Downtown. Classes will be offered beginning in January, 2018. Contact the church office for start date. Confirmation with Bishop Doyle will be Sunday, May 13, 2018.