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Formation Class - The Book of Judges starts

CCD & CCS 10:00 Sundays


Adult Christian Education will be a study of the Book of Judges led by Christ Church clergy at both the Downtown and South campuses.


The Book of Judges is one of the most interesting, exciting, colorful, and disturbing books of the Bible. It combines stories of political intrigue and assassination, lies and deception, rape and murder, courage and fear, great faith and idolatry, power and greed, sex and suicide, love and death, military victories and civil war. No, this is not Netflix or HBO, this is the Bible.


The Book portrays a major transition in the biblical story of Israel. Before the Book of Judges, Israel was under the leadership of Moses in the desert and then Joshua in the initial conquest of the land of Canaan. After the Book of Judges, Israel was ruled by kings, beginning with Saul, David, and Solomon and concluding with Judah’s defeat and exile to Babylon. The turbulent transition between Moses and Joshua and the kings of Israel is portrayed in the Book of Judges. The Book presents the varied tales of twelve warrior rulers called judges, who led ancient Israel.


Here is the last verse in the Book of Judges: In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes. This is a pretty good summary of the Book, and a good indication that there are lessons to be learned from ancient Israel that apply to the contemporary world.