Adult Education Overview

Adult Christian Formation is an essential ministry of Christ Church. We offer a variety of Bible studies and small group studies which equip adults to grow more fully into the ‘stature of Christ’ (Ephesians 4.13).


 Sunday Adult Christian Formation Classes:

 A Lenten Study of Ezra & Nehemiah

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Why should we care about these books of the Old Testament? (Actually, it's only one book!) 
First off, the New Testament tells us that the entire Scriptures (meaning, the entire Old Testament) teach us about Jesus (Luke 24:44) and make us wise for salvation (2 Timothy 3:15).
Beyond that, what I find so fascinating has to do with the Persian Empire. The Persian Empire which displaced the Babylonian Empire, and which eventually lost power to Greece. The Persian Empire, in other words, which is a bridge from the ancient Near Eastern world of the Semitic and Mesopotamian peoples (as well as Egypt) to the Greco-Roman world of Jesus & Paul. 


There are two more reasons why this book is important for us: temple and walls


Temple. As we will see in studying this book together, when the people rebuilt the Temple, it was a real let-down (if we are honest). The older folks who were their at the new "ribbon cutting event" were deeply disappointed. God's presence did not descend upon this new Temple. For us, this points to God's true Temple: the body of his Son Jesus Christ. 


Walls. We live in a time when the devil (Greek "diobolos," meaning "divider") wants to divide us. By "us" I mean Christians, Americans, and humans. And while it is true that "good fences make good neighbors," God does not want us to "wall ourselves off" from others. After all, the prophets had envisioned Jerusalem as a "city without walls." What does this book say to us about the task of wall-building? Let us find out, together!


Why study the single book of Ezra-Nehemiah? I can think of at least five reasons: Christ, salvific wisdom, ancient political culture, temple theology, and the status and role of walls as God's people in the world.


Sound interesting? I hope so! 




Hope you will join us for this Lenten study in this fascinating book (which is written in Hebrew and Aramaic)!

The Gospel in Handel's Messiah

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Beginning on Sunday, January 10, 2021, Fr. Ted will lead a Bible study on the Holy Scripture found in Handel’s MessiahThe Messiah is classified in the music world as an oratorio, a piece of music that is similar to an opera, but without acting, costumes, or stage props. The libretto, or lyrics for the Messiah were composed in 1741 by Charles Jennens, a Shakespeare scholar. Jennen’s motto for the work was “Let us sing of greater things.” The lyrics for the Messiah are taken entirely from the Bible, 100%. Jennens gave the libretto to George Frederic Handel on August 22, 1741, and by September 14, 1741 (24 days), Handel had completed this magnificent work. 


The study will combine the music of the Messiah with the readings that follow the life of Jesus and the church year – Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost. The Messiah is the story of salvation. The Messiah has been performed every year since its first performance in Dublin in 1742, and has taken the Good News of Jesus Christ to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Please join us by clicking the Christian Formation link at on the Sundays of Epiphany. 





A Study of 1 & 2 Peter

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Led by Christ Church Clergy 




 Weekly Adult Christian Formation Classes

Weekly Bible Studies for men and women meet at Christ Church throughout the school year.
Coffee and tea are served and the groups are open to all.




Additional Opportunities:

Christ Church Neighborhood Groups

Nothing promotes growth in Christ more than gathering in small communities during the week! Christ Church Neighborhood Groups are ramping up again for our second semester! These small communities of friends gather in people’s homes during the week and are centered on fellowship, study / discussion, and prayer. If you are interested in joining one of our seven groups please contact the church office

Education for Ministry (EfM), is a four year study for the formation of a personal Christian ministry through the development of knowledge, attitude and awareness. Participants often express a more vivid vision of God's activity in their lives and in the world. Classes meet on Tuesday evenings. website:  For information about future classes, enrollment, and tuition, please contact the church office, or EfM leader Clyde Beaty,  

Other groups meet for Bible study and/or prayer and fellowship off campus. For more information about adult Christian formation, please contact Rev. Luckenbach at

A Lenten Study of the Crucifixion