Upcoming Events

Sunday Morning Christian Formation


10:00 am  

        Children in 4k-4th grade will have Christian Formation each week on both campuses. 

4k/5k & 1st grades will hear a Godly Play story and have the opportunity to wonder, and respond to the story as well as have a time of fellowship during the feast.

2nd, 3rd & 4th grade will participate in WHIRL a Lectionary based curriculum from Sparkhouse. 



Moms with Littles

Play dates

Wednesdays 9-11

Christ Church South 

Next Weekend Playdate : November 17, 9-11 Christ Church South 

Christ Church South Address 15737 Old Jax. Highway, Tyler TX

Family Bell Ringing

Salvation Army Bell Ringing

December 1, 8-12

Rice Road Brookshires 

Contact Ms. Tina for a 1 hour time slot for your family.


Christmas Pageant

Children's Christmas Pageant

Christ Church South - December 23, 11:05 am

Christ Church Downtown - December 24, 4:00 pm

Pageant sign up sheets are available in the children's areas at Christ Church Downtown and in the Coffee Bar area at Christ Church South. 


Pageant practice times and dates are TBD.