Parish Guilds & Ministries


All baptized persons are called to ministry. We hope all members of Christ Church will find at least one area of ministry that will provide an outlet for this call. Christ Church offers many opportunities to serve in ministries of worship, prayer, fellowship, and service. We invite you to answer the call to ministry and participate in one of these ministries.


All Saints Guild A group of devoted ladies dedicated to sisterhood, study and service, meets four times a year at different locations to be announced. Women of all ages are encouraged  to attend.

Altar Guild  Prepares the altar for the celebration of Holy Eucharist, funerals, weddings, and other special services.

The Daughters of the King A religious order dedicated to the spread of Christ’s Kingdom through a lifelong program of prayer, service, and evangelism.

Episcopal Church Women All women of Christ Church are automatically members and through the church are members of ECW of the Diocese of Texas. Christ Church ECW holds monthly luncheons with guest speakers, and is responsible for all church receptions. It also contributes to mission work, scholarships and diocesan ECW activities.

LOIS Guild Assists the parish by preparing food for funerals. Guild’s acronym identifies the mission: Ladies Organized in Service and honors the memory of our late, faithful parish greeter, Lois McDonald.

Reception Committee Plans and hosts receptions for special occasions in the life of the parish.

St. Theresa's Guild is a ministry that stretches across both Christ Church campuses and exists for the purpose of community, fellowship, and spiritual growth among the women of Christ Church. It provides a place for women to grow and serve in a vibrant community. Women's Depth Group, which is a component of St. Theresa's Guild, meets the second Wednesday of the month at Christ Church South. 

Terra Sancta Provides a unique gift shop and book store, geared toward ecumenical items. The guild is manned by volunteers of ECW and all proceeds return to Christ Church for mission work and greater needs of the church.

Women’s Bible Study Clergy-led class meets weekly during academic year.


Brotherhood of St. Andrew Episcopal laymen dedicated to prayer, study, and service.

Men’s Bible Study Group study of the Gospel lectionary reading for Sunday. Meets weekly.

Tuesday AM with the Rector: A Bible Study for Men Meets Tuesdays during academic year at 8:00 am.


Acolytes Guild Assists clergy in the celebration of worship. Minimum eligibility for service is 4th grade, based upon maturity.

Education for Ministry (EFM) Provides an advanced four year curriculum for those who seek a deeper understanding of the Bible, Anglican theology and the influence of philosophy and culture on Christianity. Through study, prayer, group discussions, and theological reflection, members journey toward discovering a personal understanding of the fullness of God's kingdom as well as a broader confidence in their daily life as ministry.

Feeding the Faithful Provides meals to parishioners who are in or just home from the hospital due to illness or the birth of a baby, to families in crisis, or when there is an on-going illness.

Funeral Assistance Assist Rector in greeting and welcoming family members in the Guild Hall in advance of funeral services. 

Gardening Guild Helps maintain the landscape plantings that grace our church. Green thumbs preferred, but not required.

Greeters Guild  Individuals and families blessed with the gift of hospitality who welcome visitors to our services.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors Following Canon law, these trained volunteers provide communion to home-bound parishioners as a supplement to the clerical pastoral care.

Lay Ministry Guild Assists in worship, both in the Liturgy of the Word and Sacrament, serving as Intercessors, Lectors, Chalicers, Vergers, and Ushers.

Library Guild Makes available books, cassettes, DVDs, etc. to satisfy the intellectual and spiritual curiosity of all persons, in order to support the mission of Christ Church and to undergird its teaching, preaching, and outreach.

Membership Committee Welcomes visitors and prospective members. Helps facilitate Christ Church 101 and hosts the Newcomers Dinners with the Rector.

Memorial Garden Charged with the administration, maintenance, and development of the Columbarium and the Memorial Garden.

Music is an integral part of the life of Christ Church. Groups include: Staff singers with volunteers for the 9:00 Service, and Chancel Choir, along with Choir School of East Texas for the 11:00 Service. Opportunities for instrumentalists are always welcome.

Neighborhood Groups These small communities of friends gather in people’s homes during the week and are centered on fellowship, study/discussion, and prayer.

Paper Guild Prepares the parish’s semi-monthly newsletter, The Crucifer, and other church publications, for mailing. Assembles Easter and Christmas service leaflets.

Prayer Shawl Ministry Members pray for the person who will receive the prayer shawl while they are knitting. These shawls are gifts which symbolize God’s love and presence and bring comfort to the wearer.

PrimeTimers A fellowship of parishioners, who are over 55 and young at heart, gather together at church and other interesting places for fun, food, and fellowship. Events include game nights, covered dish suppers, dances, and trips to musicals, museums, and races.

Supper Club. Fod, fun and felowship at Parishioners' homes, monthly. 


Bethesda Clinic A faith-based medical clinic serving the working poor with opportunities for everyone to do God’s work for His people, whether during one of our Christ Church Saturday Clinics or during the week as a Bethesda volunteer. John 5:1-15

Choir School of East Texas composed of choristers in the English cathedral choir tradition, exists to use music as a positive influence in the lives of youth, through out-of-school arts learning, including vocal training, private piano lessons, and leadership development.

Loaves & Fishes Outreach Ministry Provides meals to the needy and poor outside of our parish family. An average of 75 persons are being served each Thursday evening in the Loaves & Fishes dining room.

PATH With roots in this parish, this community service organization works to meet critical and basic human needs, with a special emphasis on emergency assistance for those in crisis.










12 Keys to Supporting Someone with Cancer

  1. Don’t  play the cheerleader role. If you always act cheerful and positive, you make it harder for the patient to express her fears and concerns.
  2. Honor the patient’s wishes, even if you don’t agree with them. It’s fine to supply information and give your opinion. But it’s up to the patient to decide what to do. Honoring the patient’s beliefs and decisions is a true act of love.
  3. What is the first thing to say or do when someone you care about tells you that he has cancer? Show that you care and will be there to support him. Your presence may be all he really needs.
  4. Know what not to say. It hurts to be told, “I know how you feel” or “Don’t worry; everything will be ok.” Don’t feel that you must say something. Just let the patient know that you care. 
  5. Help your loved one to develop a pleasure list. Help her to list things she finds refreshing and enjoyable - anything from petting her cat to calling a special friend. This puts her focus on what she can do - and on what enhances her life.
  6. Find new and better ways to solve problems. There are many problem-solving techniques available. For example, try listing your options, then evaluating the pros and cons of each possibility, then developing a plan of action. Find the problem-solving technique that works best for you.
  7. List practical ways you can help. Rent the patient’s favorite movies, cook meals and freeze them for later, go on errands, water the garden; the list is endless.
  8. Improve your communication and listening skills. Learn to listen actively. Learn to sense when the patient wants to talk and when he wants silence. Silent times are natural, and you don’t need to fill them in with small talk.
  9. Realize the effect the patient’s illness can have on you; take care of yourself. Set up your own support program. Develop your own pleasure list. When you take care of yourself, the patient will benefit.
  10. Get other people to stay in touch with the patient. Set up a plan of action. Get the patient’s friends to call and send cards on a regular basis.
  11. Help the patient to start a journal. He can use it to record practical information, such as when he takes his pills; or to develop and articulate goals; or to express his thoughts and feelings.
  12. Help the patient to set up a coping strategy. Support the patient in developing an attitude of discovery. This will help her to find better ways to solve problems and to make positive changes in her life.

Click here for a printable document of these 12 Keys.