Events / Calendar

For our Summer Outreach schedule, CLICK HERE.

Sunday Morning Formation (Weekly):

     Grades: 5th-12th (All J-High and High School students are welcome)
     Downtown- 10-10:45am | 4th floor | Full breakfast and formation. (Summer classes begin at 9:00am starting May 27, 2018)
     South- 10-10:45am | The Cabins (to the right of the outdoor pavilion) | Light snacks and formation
     *Meets at the exact same time as Adult Christian Formation.

Current series: Thanks for Sharing

In our Thanks for Sharing series, each week, we’ll look at one passage about Jesus and one story about how some of His first followers put His teachings into practice in the days of the early Church.

FOCUS - High School Only (2nd & 4th Sundays):
     Grades: 9th-12th
     From 5pm-6:30pm |Free coffee, friends & thoughtful discussion. 
     Meet @ The Foundry Coffe House.

Wednesday EYC - Junior High (Weekly)
     Grades: 5th-8th
     Christ Church Downtown | 6pm-7:30pm | FREE dinner | Laid-back setting for team-building games, Christ-centered discussion, and fellowship. 

 Current series: Known

The two main questions every student asks are, “Who am I?” and, “What am I here for?” This series will help them finally get answers to both of those questions. We live in a culture that values shallow, superficial, and temporary things. Students are told lies every day about what’s important in life and how to be important in life. This dramatically affects their view of their identity and their value—and though we can’t unhear the lies of the Enemy, we can replace them with the truth from God’s Word. In this four-part series, students will learn that their identity is not dependent upon what others say about them, or even what they say about themselves, but by what God says about them.

Confirmation Preparation (Yearly): Every year, confirmation preparation for our 8th graders begins in January and is 12 weeks long. It occurs on Sunday afternoons. The specific times will be disclosed to the families participating. Contact David Beadle if you or your child wish to participate in confirmation preparation: