Missions & Outreach

When major disasters happen, there are often wonderful responses from people all over the country. Organizations begin raising money, good samaritans drive straight into the reckage, construction crews donate labor and materials, popular news stations inform the world of what has happened and how to help. It's amazing to see such beauty come out of the ashes of disaster. 

However, as time passes, news coverage eventualy deteriorates and good samaritans have to go back to work. Just a few months after the most devastating Hurricane the Houston area has ever seen, conditions are still unbearable for many and help has slowed to a crawl. Expecting this sort of reaction, Christ Church reached out to the Diocese of Texas to offer our help during the Christmas break.

We'll be leaving Christ Church on Dec. 27th and arriving back the afternoon of Jan. 1st (with plenty of time for new years celebrations). Our lodging will be covered by St. Martin's Episcopal Church in Houston and our project(s) details will roll in as we get closer. We are looking for people of all skill levels and all ages. No one is too young or too old for this trip.

It can be difficult to travel during the Christmas holidays, but we can't think of a better time to help our neighbors or a better way to spend our time and efforts during Christmas.

We need to gauge interest immediately, so if you're interested at all, send a breif email to dbeadle@christchurchtyler.org.