Director of Youth Ministry

Melanie Edwards

Melanie and her husband, Trey, have lived in Tyler for many years. Through their different work organizations and commitments, they have been heavily involed in events throughout the Tyler community.  They have a son, Carter, who was the original reason for their first step into Christ Church.  Looking for Godly ministered programs and a supportive community, they quickly fell in love with the openness of the people, the devotion to God's word and love, and the commitment to ministry at Christ Church.

Since 2007, Melanie has been a trainer, life coach, and as of 2014, owner of East Texas Adventure Boot Camp.  In 2017 Melanie felt called by the Lord to begin serving alongside the Christ Church Student Ministry team and, as of July 2019, became the Director of Student Ministries at Christ Church.

Melanie has a deep passion for the empowerment of young people and adults.  She is excited to "have a role in helping to create deeper relationships within our church cummunity, while also being witness to God's work within us all."